When There’s a Contract Then Call Us Maybe… and other assorted notes

Framework for a new deal between the CTU and the CPS has been reached.  They will work today to finalize the language and the CTU’s House of Delegates will vote on it tomorrow.  Should they vote in favor of it the strike will be suspended and classes will resume Monday before the membership ratifies the new deal.

**Update** The teachers will not return to work Monday or Tuesday.  The House of Delegates requested that the membership have time to read the agreement before the vote.

CTU Strike Photos on Flickr can be found here.

A county judge in Wisconsin struck down virtually all of Scott Walker’s law that would end collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.  The decision is sure to be appealed but it is  still a temporary victory for labor.

And finally, the Chicago teachers say that when they have a contract, call them maybe…

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