Union Endorsed Candidates Fair Well In Primaries

NYSUT endorsements again made the difference in most primary elections across the state. From Buffalo, where the pro-labor Sean Ryan won the Democratic primary, and thus the election, for the 149th Assembly district; to New York City, where Toby Stavisky, long-time champion of public higher ed, prevailed; to Long Island, where Republican Joe Saladino easily held off a challenge by a Tea Party candidate looking to unseat him because of his vote against Tier 6. Download your local races results.

Races are too close to call in several districts for long-term incumbents. Hinging on absentee ballots, these results are a timely reminder of the importance of voting, even by absentee if necessary.

The encouraging news for NYSUT activists, led by political action coordinators, is that across the state voters stood with champions of public education, health care and retirement security. These issues will guide the union as it kicks into high gear for the Nov. 6 election.

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