Month: October 2015

Deep Organizing v. Shallow Mobilizing… Be the Union!

Editor’s Note: I originally had a version of this story was originally published in the Fall 2015 issue of The Portal, the PJSTA’s newsletter. Within union circles it is often popular to hear the union leaders encourage membership mobilization with the phrase… Read More

MORE Announces Jia Lee Will Oppose Michael Mulgrew in 2016 UFT Election

Jia Lee, the well known teacher activist from New York City who was the guest speaker at the 2015 PJSTA Conference Day, will be running in opposition to Michael Mulgrew for president of the United Federation of Teachers in this spring 2016… Read More

PJSTA Resolution in Opposition to Receivership

Yesterday, thePJSTA Executive Board unanimously passed the following resolution… Resolution in Opposition to Receivership WHEREAS: New York law establishes Receivership for schools that have been or will be categorized as persistently failing and struggling and that these schools are identified as the… Read More

On the NEA Clinton Endorsement

Over at Mike Antonucci’s EIA blog, he has the break down of the NEA voting regarding the early Clinton endorsement.  Pretty interesting to look at. Via… NEA PAC Council Vote by State – Abstentions Critical WRITTEN BY: MIKE ANTONUCCI – OCT•… Read More