A Message From Carol Burris

Via principal and public education advocate Carol Burris

The Governor and Chancellor Tisch are proposing an overhaul of the already flawed APPR system. They propose that the system be designed to find MORE teachers and principals ineffective and developing, in order to be in better alignment with the high percentages of students who are below proficient on the Common Core exams.
Their plan would also strip away local school board, superintendent and principal input into evaluation systems, putting more power in Albany’s hands to determine the fate of our teachers and principals.
Please read and share Carol Burris’ Washington Post blog which describes Chancellor Tisch’s proposed changes.
There are other strategies that the Governor and Mrs. Tisch propose that would severely undermine public education, including the expansion of charter schools.  The New York State Allies for Public Education has now published sound, research-based and pro-public school responses.  You can read their letter here:
Please share this widely as well.
Now is the time to contact the Board of Regents, and your legislators, including your assembly member and senator to make it clear that you do not want 1) a state-wide APPR plan  imposed from Albany  2) that the doubling of test scores in APPR will cause this system to be even more unreliable and have terrible effects on your  students and your schools  3)that you oppose the lifting of the cap on charter schools and 4) you support the evidence based responses of NYSAPE to the governor’s questions – rather than those of the chancellor. Here is a link to a very easy way to do just that.  It allows you to easily personalize the beginning and end if you wish
We must all work together to help the members of the Board of Regents and the legislature understand that the Cuomo/Tisch agenda of more privatization and high stakes testing will harm kids and our public schools.

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