The Randi Weingarten Sell Out Tour Comes to New York State

We have known for quite a while that the UFT/NYSUT/AFT leadership has been selling out the membership for quite some time now.  But today’s deplorable news about AFT President Randi Weingarten making robo calls for Kathy Hochul goes even further than I ever thought they could go.  The New York Post describes why it is important for Cuomo to get a Hochul win over Wu in the Democratic Primary tomorrow…

a Wu victory would result in a Cuomo/Wu ticket on the Democratic line in the November election but potentially disastrous Cuomo/Hochul tickets on the Working Families, Independence, and Women’s Equality lines, where no primaries are slated.

Under the state Election Law, votes for a Cuomo/Hochul ticket in November would not be added to the tally for the Cuomo/Wu ticket, potentially costing Cuomo hundreds of thousands of votes.

The UFT/NYSUT/AFT leadership can’t let their pal Cuomo get hurt so Randi is out stumping for the bank lobbyist, Hochul today.

Tomorrow morning I will cast my ballot for Tim Wu as I had always planned to.  The robo calls from Cuomo shill Randi Weingarten only cements that.  This move also further reinforces my decision to reduce my VOTE COPE contribution to $0.00 this year.  If only I could reduce my AFT dues to the same.

3 Comments on “The Randi Weingarten Sell Out Tour Comes to New York State”

  1. Randi Weingarten is a snake of the lowest order. What is NOT being reported in the media is that Randi Weingarten WROTE A LETTER to the judge in the Sheldon Silver trial (the sentencing portion) ASKING FOR LENIENCY for the former convicted New York State Assembly Leader! Are you kidding, Weingarten???? The US District Attorney for NY should be investigating Randi Weingarten!!!! What illegal “agreements did Weingarten and Silver have????

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