A Few More Thanks

After my post from yesterday on who I am thankful for this Labor Day, Jack Zamek left a comment.  I thought the comment provided a lot more insight into our history and was worthy of posting here.  Thanks Jack!

To Brian St.Pierre. ALSO. Give thanks to Mike Quill, President of the Transportation workers union who started it all with a wildcat strike on Jan 1st 1967. Also, Governor Rockefeller who wanted no more strikes, and was willing to do something about it. He appointed Prof Taylor from the Univ. of Penn. to settle with the Unions. Also, Nick Poulos, Comsewogue Board President, who was willing to make decisions. Also, the original five teachers who worked to change the one page salary agreement to a thirty five page Contract. They were Bob Carr, John Jurich, Walter Rice, Leonard Brass and me. Believe me when I say it was a labor of love. THANKS for the thanks. Jack Zamek


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