Month: August 2014

Thank You Rob Pearl

PJSTA  1st Vice-President Rob Pearl accepted a job today as the interim principal at Norwood Elementary School.  Anybody who knows Rob knows that Norwood is tremendously fortunate to have him.  Congratulations to him.  There are few people I have come across who… Read More

Back-to-School: No Staples, No Walmart, No Testing!

It’s that time of year where teachers are busy preparing for their return to work.  Here in Comsewogue we return to school two weeks from today with the PJSTA Union Conference in the morning followed by a Superintendent’s Conference Day in the… Read More

A Tale of Two Unionists and How Rank & File Teachers Lose

I’ve been meaning to link to this for a few days.  A great analysis of the Common Core from MORE’s Julie Cavanagh. Via the Daily News… (emphasis is mine) The truth is, these tests were designed to create a narrative of failure, and… Read More

Another PJSTA Member Takes the Challenge

Another brand new PJSTA member took the #IceBucketChallenge.  Welcome to the PJSTA Jackie Shields!

The PJTA Accepts Our Challenge

Yesterday Beth Dimino and I took the Ice Bucket Challenge and pledged a donation to Ride for Life who works to find a cure for ALS.  We challenged  the PJSTA membership, Dr. Rella, the Comsewogue BOE, the MORE Caucus, and the Port… Read More