Thank You Rob Pearl

PJSTA  1st Vice-President Rob Pearl accepted a job today as the interim principal at Norwood Elementary School.  Anybody who knows Rob knows that Norwood is tremendously fortunate to have him.  Congratulations to him.  There are few people I have come across who deserve good things happening to them as much as Rob.

Rob has been a dedicated member of the PJSTA’s executive board for several years.  Additionally he has served on the last negotiating team and on the PJSTA’s LAP team.  He has been a NYSUT and AFT delegate and has been the chair of the PJSTA’s grievance committee.  If you have been to any rally, picket, or event in support of public education over the past few years then you have certainly seen Rob Pearl there as he is the very definition of an activist.  Unofficially he has served as Beth Dimino’s chauffeur as well!

While he accepts the interim principal job Rob is resigning his position as 1st Vice-President of the PJSTA.  We wish him all the best and thank him for the tremendous amount of service that he has provided our membership!

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