News, Notes, and Links

A big week coming up PJSTA!

First, we will need volunteers to put up “Vote YES” signs tomorrow, as well as volunteers who can head to the phone banks after school at the NYSUT Regional Office in Hauppauge.

On Tuesday every member of the PJSTA needs to get to the polls in their home school districts and VOTE YES for their school budgets.  If you need to know who are the candidates being endorsed by your district’s teachers union local contact Beth Dimino or myself at and we will happily provide you with that.

If you live in Comsewogue the PJSTA encourages you to vote for incumbents Alexandra Gordon and James Sanchez along with newcomer (though a gentleman who has been incredibly active in our school community for years) Rick Rennard.  Gordon and Sanchez have worked tirelessly to defend public education in the Comsewogue School District and have shown a willingness to work cooperatively with the PJSTA as we fight passionately together for the students that we serve.  Mr. Rennard is no stranger to anybody who regularly attends school board meetings or rallies in support of public education!  They represent the voices that Comsewogue needs to continue advocating for our community!

On Wednesday is the latest and greatest rally and opportunity to show Governor Cuomo and the rest of the state’s Democratic elected officials that we will “Remember in November!”  If you go to one event per year, this is the one to be at!  If you go to every other event throughout the year, you don’t want to miss this one!  The importance of this event cannot be overstated.  Bring your kids, your spouses, and who ever else you need to.  Quite possibly it is the most important event of many of our careers.

Finally we want to thank Beth Dimino, Maurizio Milana, Sue Niver, Rob Pearl, and Brian St. Pierre for attending Saturday’s “Take Back Our Schools” rally in Manhattan, which the PJSTA helped organize.  Organizers estimated a crowd of 750+ people who turned out to stand up for public education.  Groups from Long Island, New York City, New Jersey, and other parts of New York State joined together for the event.  Enjoy the pictures below…

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