Save the Date! Cuomo Demonstration on 4/28!

On Monday, April 28th we will be picketing an event at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook that is meant to honor Governor Cuomo.  This is an opportunity for you to share with the governor how you feel about his education policies.  Plan to be at Villa Lombardi’s at 4:30 pm so that other arriving elected officials can also see where you stand on the governor’s stance on education.

Via Newsday…

The plans for the protest arose after Connetquot union president Tony Felicio spoke out at the union’s state convention a week ago saying “not only is it important to send a loud and clear message to Cuomo, but it is just as important to send a loud and clear message to Cuomo’s political supporters who will be in attendance on the 28th.”

He warned the “2 percent tax cap … is going to ultimately kill public education” and candidates “need to know you’re either with us or against us…period.”

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