NYC Eye on Iannuzzi v. Mulgrew

Via NYC Eye… (emphasis is mine)

Teachers in New York City and New York State must recognize that there are profound flaws in Michael Mulgrew that are vociferous defenses for the indefensible policies of John King. Perdido Street did some extremely important compilations of old posts that quintessentially capture the nightmarish betrayals that Mulgrew committed against the teachers of New York City. NYS teachers and their representatives would do well to study those missteps with the most exacting attention. See “Oldie But Goodie: Mulgrew “Frightened” By Opposition To Common Core,”“Another Oldie But Goodie: Michael Mulgrew On Why John King Was A Great Figure To Impose A NYC Teacher Evaluation System,”“And Yet Three More Oldies But Goodies: Michael Mulgrew Defends John King’s APPR Teacher Evaluation System.”

Why should NYS teachers and representatives care about what Michael Mulgrew or his proxy Andy Pallotta say or think? Pay close attention to what Mulgrew said for months last year: apologies for some of the worst policies that are destroying teachers’ working conditions and their spirits. Reading Mulgrew’s words, aren’t you unsettled by what Mulgrew did in New York City? Would you for a minute risk his disastrous policies’ being shoved over to the rest of New York State? 

And which teachers union leader clearly has been the figure that has been committed great damage to the teaching profession in New York State? Hmm. Make no mistake, Saturday’s NYSUT board vote was not just a repudiation of Comm. King but also a repudiation of Mulgrew who has not stood up to John King in his worsening of teacher working conditions.
Never forget: Mulgrew supports Cuomo. This is a major political point of political dispute between Mulgrew and Iannuzzi.

Don’t forget who the King-supporting, Cuomo-loving, democracy-squashing, debate-avoiding Michael Mulgrew is backing in the NYSUT elections…

“We support the Revive NYSUT Unity slate. We have heard the voices from locals across the state and agree with their call for change.”

Michael Mulgrew

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