PJSTA President Beth Dimino Speaks at Ward Melville High School

PJSTA President Beth Dimino calls NYSED’s agenda “child abuse”, calls for John King’s firing, questions whether the cowardly John Flanagan is really hearing us, and receives a rousing standing ovation from 1,000+ people at tonight’s forum at Ward Melville High School.  More follow up to come tomorrow.  Enjoy the video below…

15 Comments on “PJSTA President Beth Dimino Speaks at Ward Melville High School”

  1. 6 weeks ago I started assembling a workbook of sorts on “Any thing Common Core”. Beth’s testimony and your statement above, lands at least 20 “Nails in the Coffin” of this insidious attempt to rob my grandchildren and great grand children of the education and learning experiences of prior generations!
    If anyone has a transcript of Beth’s testimony, I haven’t been able to find one online, I would appreciate it if it could be sent to me at: thebuckstops@1791.com


  3. Awesome. I totally agree, the state of New York is abusing children. Thank you for standing up for children and education in New York.

  4. Thank you for standing up and speaking out against this abuse.
    The data mining is going to really hurt our children, also.

  5. Beth, Thank you for standing up for us all. The NYS Ed curriculum is not the problem. CCLS is. If “Junk” math has to be used to justify teacher evaluations that are based upon the CCSS Test scores, then the tests are flawed. Let’s administer the tests to those who are forcing it on our children. Let’s evaluate them on their scores. How about electing officials based upon their test scores. It’s painfully obvious that the current method of appointments places inexperienced, unqualified people in positions of power. King is not qualified. Duncan is unqualified. The “Buddy” system must go.

    Flanagan will not get my vote. He’s got to go.

  6. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for telling it like it is. Thank you for telling the truth and saying what we all feel. Since you obviously understand what is going on and you’re really “child centered,” it’s time for King to step down … I’d like you to take his place!!!!!

  7. Beth – Please know that your Courageous, amazing statements have made it to Steuben and Allegany Counties in Upstate NY and WE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your stance tonight!!!! Please continue to fight the good fight, we are working hard up here to “wake” more Mommies up!!! But there are several hundred up here CHEERING you on!!! ❤ Much love!!

  8. Beth tells it like it is! The CCSS is an abusive micro-managing apparatus guaranteeing teachers will teach to the test and mandating a pedagogy of fear, coercion and punishment. The architects of the CCSS are soft pedaling an apparatus of mind control. “Career and college ready,” is a slogan that once deconstructed undermines creativity and freedom and while institutionalizing obedience and imprinting upon the minds of children an experience based on radical behaviorism done to children without their consent.
    There are two forms of education in this World. The first is to provide children with opportunities for them to achieve an education that enhances and promotes their pre-existing capacities and gifts. The second form of education we can see throughout World History where by totalitarian regimes imprint upon the minds of children what the state values.
    You want data? Here’s your data: 30 years of standardized testing on the formative minds of children in US schools and over 26% of Americans have a mental illness of one form or another. Gap between rich and poor at it’s highest ever and the middle class is shrinking like never before.
    Who are these people peddling the CCSS? Follow the money trail and it leads back to the same greedy rich white suits, the corporate establishment, who tanked the economy in 2008, specialize in high speed derivatives trading and peddle billions of dollars of influence at the highest levels of government.

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