Election Day Roundup

Election Day roundup…

PJSTA endorsed John McManmon lost in his race in the 2nd Assembly District.  Given his stance on public education, here is hoping that Mr. McManmon runs for state legislature again.  Like maybe next year when his opponent, Anthony Palumbo will be up for re-election in the Assembly.  Also when noted enemy of public education, Ken LaValle, is up for re-election in the State Senate.  Next year is a very important year for us and the PJSTA will be working dilligently to get the right people elected.

Running as a progressive, Bill de Blasio won the mayoral race in New York City.  He will take over for the plutocrat Michael Bloomberg who wielded his power and money to do great harm to NYC’s public schools over the course of his twelve year reign.  Still, over at Peridio Street School, Reality-Based Educator warns, “Don’t get too excited.”

Chris Christie won re-election last night.  This after last week’s incident featuring Christie yelling at a teacher, saying, “I am tired of you people.”  When asked by the teacher why he continues to spread the myth than New Jersey’s schools and teachers are failing (sounds like Andy Cuomo, right?).

Bully Chris Christie yelling at a teacher.


3 Comments on “Election Day Roundup”

  1. Wow what an intelligent response. Christie OWNED her? Really? Acting like a bully and shouting in her face in front of a bunch of other hooligans? Right. It’s nice to see you dubbing anyone who opposes corporate based reforms as a “leftwing nutcase”. You sound like the hacks in the media who try and pass off anyone opposing this top down neoliberal agenda as either a tea party nut job or a paranoid lefty. Why don’t you do a little research and see just who John Flanagan represents. Spoiler alert: it’s not the people he is paid to represent.

  2. Way to go Christie! That stupid teacher deserved what she got for being so stupid. He OWNED her and rightly so. With morons like that teaching our kids we are really doomed. But at least most of the people in that state are smart. And a few morons locally will barely make a dent in John Flanagan & Ken LaValle’s numbers. They represent the people, not left wing nutcases.

  3. Christie again..really…if every Jersey teacher voted for Buono the election could have been much different..People get what tey ask for…His true colors will rear themselves again…Can’t wait to boot Andy in NY!

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