Month: November 2013

Make Merryl Tisch Hear You Tonight

The Albany Times Union published a comprehensive report about how wealthy “donors” in New York State use their money and influence to essentially run the New York State Education Department.  The major donors include the Gates Foundation, the GE Foundation, and many… Read More

Hold Your Applause

We are entering an important period of time in the push back against the education reforms in New York State.  Fearing for their jobs next November, we are beginning to see some movement from state legislators on the school reform agenda.  This… Read More

Dimino’s Response to Bruni

The New York Times, like much of the mainstream media, has continuously shilled for the corporate driven Common Core State Standards.  This weekend they posted this op-ed from food critic Frank Bruni.  Mr. Bruni quotes Beth Dimino in it and then suggests… Read More

Who is it Gonna Be?

Via Newsday… Diane Ravitch, the outspoken education historian, policy analyst and author, called on educators across Long Island Tuesday to boycott Common Core-related curricula and refuse to administer state tests as an act of defiance against the state and federal governments. “Your… Read More

Test Refusal… Dimino

Via Port Jefferson Patch… When asked about why teachers didn’t speak up about how awful the reform agenda is earlier. “I sat in that man’s office, Joe Rella, and he knew right away. However no one would have believed me until they… Read More