The Latest on the John King Fiasco

Puppet master Merryl Tisch and her puppet John King.

Last week New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch announced that NYSED would be hosting 16 forums around the state (though none in NYC where 1/3 of the state’s students reside) in the coming weeks.  This follows John King’s cowardly act from a couple of weeks ago.  Tisch said they will “modify the template of how those conversations were going to take place” when hosting the forums.  Generally speaking that is code for, “We will not let parents and teachers speak unless they say what we want them to.”  In response to the multitude of calls for King’s resignation, Tisch asked the public to “tamp down the rhetoric” lay off of her puppet, King.

In one of the most laughable details of all, at least one of the forums will be by invitation only!  The way Tisch and King have bungled this has become downright mind boggling.  If they think the public is going to be placated by “invitation only” forums then they are more out of touch with reality than I had previously realized.

The Tisch/Cuomo/King tag team will stop at nothing to jam their agenda down the throats of New York State’s citizens.  No action too egregious for them.  Next November Cuomo, and the state legislators who enable him (such as John Flanagan), are up for re-election.  Vote them all out.

1 Comments on “The Latest on the John King Fiasco”

  1. What do you expect from Tisch? Her millions allow her the freedom to say what she wants, even though they fly in the face of reason. She and King are buddies. PS. Her husband is head of PBS, WHICH I think are sponsoring the forums. BIG SURPRISE THERE!

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