November 1st- Save the Date!

On Friday, November 1st the PJSTA will be holding informational picketing outside the Smithtown office of Senator John Flanagan.  Picketing will start at 3:30 pm.

Senator Flanagan, an ally of NYSED Commissioner John King, is one of two state senators who represents parts of the Comsewogue School District.  Additionally he chairs the New York State Senate’s Committee on Education.  He has been hosting hearings around the state on the effectiveness of New York State’s education reforms.  The hearings, naturally, have been by invite only.  Senator Flanagan makes sure he invites a representative from NYSED to every hearing.  He has not invited a representative from Comsewogue.  This picket will be an opportunity to make him hear us, whether he wants to or not.  Tell him that we demand to be heard from.  Tell him to stop hanging out with John King!  Tell him to stop taking money from Michelle Rhee’s Students First!  Tell him to stop taking his marching orders from ALEC and to start putting the people he represents first!

NYSED Commissioner John King and Senator Flanagan
NYSED Commissioner John King and Senator Flanagan


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