Month: September 2013

Arizona’s Brewer Thinks Citizens Are Fools

More from the Theater of the Absurd department… After sustained backlash against the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer decided to change the name of the standards to “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.” State Rep.Carl… Read More

Man Arrested for Speaking Out Against the Common Core

The reformers will seemingly stop at nothing as they try to silence critics of their policies.  In case you didn’t see it, a man was arrested in Maryland last week for speaking out against the Common Core State Standards at a public… Read More

The PJSTA Book Club: Reign of Error

Last week we told you about the release of Diane Ravitch’s new book Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools.  Today we would like to announce the details of a book club that… Read More

Introducing “Wear Red for Public Ed!

The PJSTA is excited to announce the launch of a new campaign that we will thread throughout the rest of the school year.  The campaign, dubbed “Wear Red for Public Ed” gives every PJSTA member an opportunity to take sustained action throughout… Read More

Senator Flanagan’s Hearings: Round 1

Yesterday was Senator Flanagan’s first scheduled hearing on New York State’s Reform Agenda.  I didn’t have the ability to be there as I was teaching, however I did have the good fortune of hearing about it from people who were there. To… Read More