Arizona’s Brewer Thinks Citizens Are Fools

“I’ve got it! We’ll just change their name and nobody will ever suspect a thing!”

More from the Theater of the Absurd department…

After sustained backlash against the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer decided to change the name of the standards to “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.”

State Rep.Carl Seel, R-Phoenix, one of the foes, said he believes Brewer is trying to blunt the opposition by confusing the issue.

He said people now call state agencies to ask them the status of Common Core standards. With Brewer’s action, he said, callers will be told that Common Core no longer exists, lulling them into believing the new standards have been scrapped .

Initially I thought this must be a joke.  Seriously?!  THIS is their strategy for defending the Common Core?!  Changing the name?!

Reality-Based Educator said it best

It’s like they think critics and opponents are all Elmer Fudd’s asking a disguised Bugs Bunny which way the wabbit went.

That this is the strategy these so-called Best and Brightest have come up with to push back against Common Core opponents shows you just how much damage the attacks against them have done and how bereft of ideas the reformers are to defend their own agenda.

In Maryland they are arresting people for questioning the Common Core.  In Arizona they are trying to trick the public.  Stay tuned to see what Governor Cuomo comes up with.


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  1. On a related note, moderate Republicans have recommended that Obamacare should be officially renamed as the Affordable Care Act to make it more palatable for their less rational tea party colleagues.

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