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PJSTA Live- Episode 3- Ed Reform 2.0

Our third episode of PJSTA Live deals with Ed Reform 2.0.  We were joined by two guests, Alison McDowell and Jia Lee.  McDowell, a parent and a public education activist, blogs at Wrench in the Gears where she takes a skeptical look… Read More

PJSTA Live- Episode 2- Betsy DeVos

Check out our December episode of PJSTA Live where I was joined by Carol Burris, Marla Kilfoyle, and Michelle Gunderson.  We talked about the appointment of Betsy DeVos but also dove into a more deeper discussion on how we build resistance not… Read More

Man Arrested for Speaking Out Against the Common Core

The reformers will seemingly stop at nothing as they try to silence critics of their policies.  In case you didn’t see it, a man was arrested in Maryland last week for speaking out against the Common Core State Standards at a public… Read More