Labor Day Links

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Some links (and a video) to enjoy on Labor Day…

Ravitch with Labor Day 2013

NYC Educator with Happy Labor Day to All

Vote early. Vote often. And don’t even think of voting for anyone who opposes union. This includes Democrats who pay us lip service but fail to stand up when we need them. For working people, there’s no alternative to union, and now’s the time to make union strong. They have the money, but we have the numbers.

If we stand up, there is no stopping us.

Ralph Nader with Labor Day is a Time to Mobilize

The reality is that big corporations have abandoned American workers by taking jobs and industries to communist and fascist regimes abroad — regimes that oppress their workers and enforce serf-level salaries and hideous working conditions. America’s working men and women have also largely been abandoned by the corporate dominated Republican and Democrat two-party duopoly, whatever their rhetorical differences may be.


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