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The PJSTA has been ahead of the curve regarding the testing issue, as is evident by the fact that every PJSTA member was given a PJSTA shirt in April with the message, ” Our students are worth more than a test score”.  It’s gratifying to see that the “stop the testing” work Rella and I have been doing is starting to not only get noticed but also develop a strong following.  The PJSTA message has been clear and consistent for quite some time now:

1) BOYCOTT Newsday because they do NOT report the truth.

2) FIRE KING because he supports the privatization of Public Education by allowing NYS testing to be created and graded by Pearson, while King’s own children are exempt from the same Pearson testing that King imposes on all the other children in NYS.

3) STOP THE TESTING and THE COMMON CORE because the only purpose they serve is to harass students.  Classroom teachers can and do create adequate testing for the students in NYS, We don’t need Pearson to create tests for our students.

4) GET RID OF THE APPR because Superintendents like Joe Rella don’t need NYSED to insinuate themselves into the workings of their School Districts. They already have evaluation procedures in place that work!

5) FUND LI SCHOOLS appropriately based on the taxes that are taken from Long Islanders. If LI was a State our students would rank number 1 in the country!

6) DEMAND that NYS policy makers allow School Districts to create budgets without unfunded crippling mandates.

7) VOTE for those policy makers that support students, teachers and public education, like Steve Engelbright.

8) Vote AGAINST Cuomo, Flanagan and LaValle because they do NOT support students, teachers and public education.

9) SUPPORT NYSUT PRESIDENT DICK IANNUZZI because he stands in support of  teachers, students and public education. The PJSTA would like to thank President Iannuzzi for choosing the PJSTA to be a participant in NYSUT’s LAP Program,


11) GO TO THIS WEBSITE and sign the petition to end testing and stop the common core:

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