Notes on the “Students, Not Scores!” Rally

Just a reminder, not that you should need it, that tomorrow is the “Students, Not Scores!” rally that grew out of Dr. Rella’s letters following the release of the NYS Common Core test scores.  The rally begins at 12:00 and is at Comsewogue High School.  There is an enormous crowd expected, so carpool, arrive early, and park wherever you can.  Speaking will be Dr. Rella, PJSTA President Beth Dimino, NYSUT President Dick Ianuzzi, and several others.  New York State Assemblymen Steven Englebright and Al Graf will be there in support.  Kudos to politicians willing to put their neck on the line to stand up for what’s right.  Be sure to thank them and to vote for them if you live in their district.  Not all politicians have the guts to do what they are doing (I am looking at you John J. Flanagan and Ken LaValle!)

Spend some time to make some signs tonight for tomorrow’s rally.  Be creative.  Have fun.  I know of at least one group of PJSTA members having a sign making party tonight.  If you want in let us know in the comments or email Beth Dimino.

Be sure to wear your PJSTA garb tomorrow (or BAT apparel if you are cool enough to own any!)

There is not much more to be said.  Tomorrow has been a long time coming.  The general public is finally catching on to what teachers have known for several years now.  To quote Karen Lewis, who seemed to speak for all of us during the CTU strike last year, “We’re tired of being bullied, belittled, and betrayed.  We have done everything asked of us, yet we continue to be vilified and treated with disrespect.”  Tomorrow’s your chance to fight back.  I know I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Some new links of note:

Students Not Scores! now has a website!  Click here to view it and sign the petition.

Port Jefferson School District Superintendent, Dr. Ken Bossert weighs in on test scores here.  Feel free to set the commenters straight.

The UFT’s MORE Caucus has been a tremendous help in getting the word out about this rally.  Please visit their site.  They stand for everything that is right in education and we would all benefit if they were at the helm of the country’s largest teachers union.

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  1. I’ve got an AM meeting, but I really hope to be there. Dr. Rella, you Rock! Thank you PJSTA. Thank you to our state Assemblymen Englebright and Graf.

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