Month: November 2012

Hurricane Sandy Stories

The superstorm that hit the Tri-State Area this past week is one that none of us will forget any time soon.  Some of us lost power, some of us did not.  Certainly many of us have suffered damage to their property.  Hopefully all of our members and their families are safe. If you have a …

Initiative 1240 in Washington State

Washington State is another place where public education is under attack this coming Election Day.  On November 6th its citizens will vote on initiative 1240, which would authorize up to 40 privately operated, but taxpayer-funded charter schools, exempt from many of the laws governing existing public schools. Diane Ravitch has the list of the many groups …

Bravo UTLA!

Kudos to the United Teachers of Los Angeles who refused to give in to pressure from LA’s public schools.  The district attempted to use the the Race to the Top application to strong arm the UTLA into accepting a new teacher evaluation system based on high stakes standardized testing scores. As a result the Los …

No School Until Tuesday

As per Jennifer Reph, there is no school on Monday for teachers or students. Please report to CHS for the conference day on Tuesday. Stay safe!

No School on Friday

No school on Friday as per John Swenning.