Volunteers Needed

The PJSTA will need volunteers for a few things coming up this election season.  First, we  are seeking members who can make phone calls for Tim Bishop on Monday, September 10th at the NYSUT Regional Office.  The phone bank starts at 3:00 pm, so PJSTA members could head right over after school.

Next we are seeking members who would participate in Labor to Labor walks in support of Bishop, US Representative Carolyn McCarthy, and NYS Assemblyman Phil Ramos.  These walks, where you’d be joined by other NYSUT members, will be taking place every Saturday from now until election day.  Additionally there will be one for Ramos next Thursday, September 13th, as he is involved in a primary that day.

Please contact Beth Dimino if you can participate in one of these.  You may also use the comments feature of this blog to indicate your ability to help these NYSUT endorsed candidates.

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