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9 Comments on “Contact Us

  1. Beth can someone change the dental claim form on this site over to the new Guardian form? I’ve been giving this one to my dentist not paying attention, thinking it was the newest version. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comment Eric. With all due respect one could claim you are “playing into the hands” of the Revive slate by referring us to Alan Lubin who has known close ties to Pallotta. I would not dare tell you how to vote as you know your membership best, however to dismiss the influence of the UFT leadership would be foolish. We are talking about a reform friendly local leadership who immediately jumped behind the “grassroots” slate after squashing grassroots, opposition groups within there own local for years. There is simply no reason for them to have endorsed anyone so early if they weren’t directly tied to them. Its why most of the other big locals are waiting. Plenty of time to go with plenty of twists and turns to come. I am sure your decision will be the right one for your members as I am sure our delegate votes will be right for ours.

    In solidarity,

  3. Hello. I am president of the Scotia Glenville Teachers Association. I haven’t yet made up my mind who to support in the upcoming election at the RA. But I do think referring to the opposition slate as Mulgrew lead is obnoxious and untrue. The argument that the UFT is trying to take over NYSUT is untrue. You are simply playing into the hands of the incumbent slate, and playing into some peoples unfounded fears. Read Alan Lubins letter about this.

  4. Can someone email me the form mentioned by Diane Ravitch regarding parents not allowing their child to take state tests. I am recently retired after teaching Special Education for 35 years. As absurd as the requirements , testing and appr are for teachers of “regular” students are,it is tenfold for Special Education. Few people seem to realize that So. Ed teachers are required to implement the common core curriculum in our class as NYS has no curriculum specific to the needs of our students. Additionally, So Ed. teachers are evaluated in the same manner as Elementary teachers, that in part means test scores and SLOs. All teachers need to be held to high standards,however, my former students had profound handicapped to the extent where every task had to be completed hand over hand. An administrator told me to teach a student who is blind, profoundly physically and intellectually handicapped to sweep the floor. Because I was unable to improve the students’ performance, I was “dinged” that section of the APPR. The only way to foster change will be to continue to present a United front.

  5. So sorry for your loss Edward. I am fairly certain the info has been passed along. I’ll remind everyone as well.

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