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Matt Damon Supports Teachers

Last year many teachers saw and applauded this video… Well now there is another reason to applaud and support Matt Damon. ¬†Seen below walking his child in Soho recently, Damon is sporting a Chicago Teachers Union knit hat!

How Karen Lewis Won a Victory for Public Education

A great interview with Karen Lewis on how the CTU won a victory for public ed.

Public Education Makes for Strange Bedfellows Indeed

While you are deciding who to vote for this fall and public education is an important issue to you, the following story may be of interest to you… Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan on the CTU’s strike: “we stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.” Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney then lied, that President Obama has taken …

CTU Strike: Day 2 Update

First and foremost, CTU President Karen Lewis on MSNBC’s The Ed Show: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/the-ed-show/48996251/#48996251 Some SEIU Local 1 members who work in Chicago schools as custodians are now preparing to go out on strike as a show of solidarity with the teachers Journalist and author Chris Hedges:¬†“The teachers’ strike in Chicago is arguably one of the …

More PJSTA solidarity for CTU