On Wednesday, October 23, we wore red to support our brothers and sisters in the Chicago Teachers Union. They are not just striking for fair wages, they are fighting for the quality of life for both students and educators. They are demanding a class size cap and the opening of a new classroom when numbers go over the cap. They are calling for more counselors and social workers with lower case loads, as well as nurses and librarians in every school. They want more support for their ELL and Special Education students. They also have housing demands to insure that students and their families are not evicted during the school year and that both teachers and students can find affordable places to live in a city that is gentrifying at a record pace. Vice President Stacy Davis Gates said in a recent interview that the union has a responsibility to use “ the leverage of an enforceable contract “ to help get the people of Chicago the city they deserve. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Updates will be posted in the coming days.

Thank you all for a great showing of solidarity!

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