Support the CTU’s Sarah Chambers


In 2014 at the UCORE conference in Chicago, I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Sarah Chambers in a workshop.  Since then Chambers, like so many other teachers from the rank and file caucuses who make up UCORE, has been busy continuing to fight back against ed deform and for the schools her students deserve.  Very few teachers have fought as ferociously and vocally as Chambers.  As Michelle Gunderson put it in her post on Living in Dialogue, “If you are fortunate, every once in a while you will meet someone who breathes the fire of justice. In my life Sarah Chambers, a special education teacher from Maria Saucedo School in Chicago, fills that role.”

Unfortunately Chambers is under attack from her school district, Chicago Public Schools.  CPS has suspended and is seeking to fire Chambers because of her role in vocally defending students.  Please check out Gunderson’s piece above, Dr. Lois Weiner’s post titled A Teacher Who’s Dangerous- To Chicago’s Power Elites, and then sign this petition to support Sarah Chambers.

You can see Chambers eviscerate the Common Core at the 2014 AFT Convention in this video.

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