Introducing PJSTA Live!

I am excited today to announce the launch of a project that I am pretty excited about… PJSTA Live!  PJSTA Live will be a regularly broadcast show on YouTube where we cover different angles of the public education and union landscape.  Our goal is to further engage our members, teachers outside of our local, and the broader public education and labor communities on the issues that impact us deeply.  We are hopeful that our viewers will not just use these shows as an opportunity to listen and learn, but also as discussion topics to raise within their own schools and education communities.

Episodes will typically feature one or more guests who will be participating in a discussion on a given topic.  Additionally, we will try to take questions from our millions  many viewers for our guests to answer.  Once the episode is recorded we will post it, along with any pertinent show notes, right here on our blog.  We will also link to all of our shows on our PJSTA Live page that can be accessed via the menu at the top of this page…


If you have questions for our guests you can ask them by filling out the embedded form on the PJSTA Live page.  You can also tweet at us using the hashtag #PJSTAlive.

Be sure to check back here at later this week for news on our first broadcast!

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