Ways to Support the CTU


This morning we shared the PJSTA’s resolution in support of the Chicago Teachers Union, who are set to strike on Tuesday as they fight for the schools Chicago’s students deserve.

Next Tuesday, October 11th, we are asking all PJSTA members to wear RED as a show of solidarity and support for our brothers and sisters in the CTU.  Building reps will be coming around to take individual and group photos of our members in red.  You are welcome to make signs of support as well.  We will be sharing those pictures with members of the CTU via social media.

Here are a few more ways that you can support the CTU…

  • When information regarding a solidarity fund is available, be sure to contribute to it, while urging your colleagues to do so as well.  We will pass solidarity fund information along on this site once we get it.
  • Be sure to talk to your fellow teachers about the strike.  Draw parallels between the situation in Chicago and the similar situations that can be found across New York State.  Help all of our NYSUT brothers and sisters to see that the CTU’s fight is our fight too!

To learn more details…

Go to the CTU site.

Check out this article from Labor Notes.

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