Month: September 2015

Some Links to Check Out

Some reading to keep you busy… With the AFT having already issued an early endorsement of Hillary Clinton and the NEA supposedly set to do the same, Curmudgucation looks at Hillary’s stance of public education. Samantha Winslow discusses the SEA settlement that… Read More

SEA Strike Suspended

The strike in Seattle appears to be over as their Representative Assembly approved the tentative agreement brought forth by their bargaining team. ¬†The SEA membership will assemble on Sunday for a ratification vote. Details of the agreement as per the SEA Facebook… Read More

Seattle Strike Song

I saw this video of striking SEA teachers signing their own version of “Tomorrow” and it reminded me of the CTU’s version of “Call Me Maybe” in 2012. Enjoy…

PJSTA #SEAsolidarity Pictures

Thank you to all PJSTA members who participated in Friday’s #SEAsolidarity campaign in our schools! ¬†Below are the pictures that were passed on to us…

PJSTA Passes Reso in Support of SEA; Launches Solidarity Campaign

At today’s Representative Council meeting the PJSTA’s governing body passed a resolution in support of the Seattle Education Association who are currently on strike in Seattle as they fight for the schools Seattle’s students deserve.  Additionally the PJSTA pledged to launch a… Read More