Month: April 2015

Tuesday’s Picket of Ken LaValle


Staggering Opt-Out Numbers Across New York

We are truly in the midst of a revolution and today is a historic day for public education in New York State.  Parents across the state have sent a clear message to Governor Cuomo that his education reform agenda is not something… Read More

A telling quote…

Given the lies and mistruths being spread by corporate ed deformers over the last week, I’d say that the Opt-Out movement has reached the “Then they fight you” stage.

Another Brilliant Letter From Melissa McMullan

The PJSTA’s own Melissa McMullan, via Diane Ravitch… A Teacher Writes to the Néw York Board of Regents The following was posted as a comment on the blog:   Dear Dr. Ravitch,   I have spent the last week and a half… Read More

PJSTA Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected officers… President- Beth Dimino 1st Vice-President- Brian St. Pierre 2nd Vice-President- Dave Anzini* 3rd Vice-President- Matt Carrera* Secretary- Erica Marsh Treasurer- Maurizio Milana * denotes newly elected officers An enormous thank you to outgoing 3rd… Read More