NYSUT’s Karen Magee Calls on Parents to Opt-Out

It’s hard to call it leadership when the rest of the state has been doing it for a couple of years now, however kudos go out to NYSUT President Karen Magee who today called on parents to opt-out of the coming New York state tests.  This is certainly an interesting development given that the UFT’s Mike Mulgrew called the budget deal a victory.  This is the first time under the current leadership regime that I have seen a NYSUT officer go again Mulgrew.  Perhaps Magee knows she is only staying on for one term and has decided to start listening to the demands of the membership.  That would certainly be a welcome development and one that I would happily support.

If NYSUT really wants to put their money where their mouth is we will see a NYSUT sponsored advertising blitz imploring parents to opt-out their children over the next two weeks leading up to the state tests.

Hooray for Karen Magee!

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