Comsewogue May Consider Refusal to Administer NYS Tests

Comsewogue’s Board of Education

The Comsewogue School District’s Board of Education will be discussing at the board workshop on 3/26 the possibility of adopting a resolution that would have them “seriously consider not administering the New York State standardized ELA and Math exams in grades 3-8, and the Science exam in grades 4 and 8.”

This follows the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District’s resolution that was very similar.  In that district, located right outside of Buffalo, the school board tabled the resolution until their meeting tomorrow, seeking to have more input from the community.

Here is the resolution in it’s entirety…

The Board of Education of the Comsewogue Union Free School District has serious concerns about current and proposed New York State education policy. We believe as elected representatives of the Comsewogue community we have an obligation not only to provide our students with a sound, basic education, but to provide them with a supportive and encouraging environment in which they can develop at their own pace. This environment also seeks to support the dedicated educators of our schools, encouraging best practices and collaboration, as opposed to competition. The current funding and evaluation policies, as well as Governor Cuomo’s proposed reforms are contradictory to that intent.

Unless Governor Cuomo and the State Legislators establish a fair and equitable state aid funding formula which adequately provides funding for ALL school districts throughout the state so they can provide for the educational needs of every child in New York State


Comply with the court ordered removal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment thereby providing school districts with the necessary funding already owed to them


Unless Governor Cuomo and the State Legislators suspend the current teacher and administrator evaluation regulations using student test data for 20% of the total score


Abandon Governor Cuomo’s proposal to expand the use of student test data to 50% for teacher and administrator evaluations


Without these efforts, The Comsewogue Board of Education believes that New York State leadership is proceeding with policy that is detrimental to our students, faculty and administrators. These misguided funding and evaluation policies seek to further an agenda of blame and punishment, instead of support and development.


The Board of Education of the Comsewogue School District will seriously consider not administering the New York State standardized ELA and Math exams in grades 3-8, and the Science exam in grades 4 and 8.

22 Comments on “Comsewogue May Consider Refusal to Administer NYS Tests”

  1. Prouder if possible… and nothing would galvanize the movement and the community more. They’d probably set Albany ablaze!

  2. I’m jealous! Our school just sends us emails to attend “Common Core” Workshops!

  3. All New York State School Districts should do this. They would be sending a very strong message to Albany. The trick is to stand together for what we believe is the right thing to do for the sake of our children!

  4. This could be the first of many districts to step up and do this, taking a stand against the governor and his cohorts. Great job Comsewogue, I am proud to be a graduate of this great district, as well as live in the district now, having my kids go through here. We need to show Cuomo we will not stand for his policies and idiotic tactics.

  5. You are the Rosa Parks of school districts. Bravo to all of you – you are an inspiration to us all!

  6. It is time that my district of Bellmore, along with North Bellmore, Merrick, North Merrick, and Bellmore-Merrick CHSD adopt similar resolutions to protect and shield our children from Cuomo’s devastating and harmful proposals…which any adult with decency and humanity would realize how they are meant to destroy our public school system. Cuomo is the enemy of all of New York’s public school children.

    This should be an urgent call to all of our superintendents to destroy Cuomo’s proposals immediately, and ensure that our public schools remain free and pillars of our democratic values.

    “We, the people…”

    Mr Cuomo, you have been exposed for what you are, and the citizens of New York will defeat you.

  7. Great job Comsewogue. That district in Lexington,Mass. Needs boards like you with conviction.

  8. This is the nuclear option but it is the most “highly effective” way to institute change in this state. It is obvious that words of protest don’t matter to this Governor, so your actions are warranted. The courage of this school board is unparalleled and it will inspire others to do the same for the sake of the children, parents, and teachers of this state. It is the right thing to do and the moral thing to do.

  9. On behalf of all parents across Long Island, thank you! You are trailblazers, courageously breaking new ground for other districts to hopefully follow suit and stand up for their students and teachers. Thank you for your tireless advocacy on behalf of all of our children.

  10. We need ALL districts to do it across the state! We need everyone to go to their local school boards and implore them to pass a similar resolution! Remind them that they are elected by YOU!

  11. I wish more would follow also. I heard today the Great Neck schools sent out a letter telling the community a bunch of lies that basically tells them that their kids have to take the test.

  12. Congratulations, Comsewogue, for standing not only for your teachers, but your students’ rights to an education that encourages real learning, cooperation, and support for all diverse learners!

  13. I am so proud of our district! This is a courageous move and I hope more districts will follow this example. This is the right thing to do plain and simple. I really am so proud to have grown up here and now work for this district as a teacher and a coach. It’s a shame so many districts are afraid to stick up for what’s right. I can only hope some of them will open their eyes soon. Great job to the Comsewogue School Board!

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