PJSTA & NYSAPE in the Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Thanks to Katie Kleinpeter for the write up…

We had a great time marching and dancing along with NYSAPE in the Rocky Point St. Patty’s Day Parade today!  We had a chilly start that soon turned into a fun walk with many cheers, smiles and waves from the crowd.

Thanks to all who came and walked with us including Beth Dimino, Brian St. Pierre, the Reph Family, the Pearl Family, Jay McGuiness, Keith Zoccoli, Vicki Barrett, Britt Cantone, the Frimmer Family, Bernadette Weltsek, Larry Weltsek, Eric Sorenson, Dave Anzini, Gail Ports, Sue Niver, Lauren Retundi, Kathy Martin, the Tilmont Family, George Chesterton, Henry from Bellmore-Merrick and Tim Needles from Smithtown.  We saw many friends, fellow teachers and students along the way that enjoyed the parade with their families.  The NYSAPE mobile billboard was proudly displayed in Rocky Point for all to see.


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