How to Contribute to NYSAPE Opt-Out Billboards

NYSAPE has started a campaign to purchase “Refuse the Tests” ads on billboards placed strategically around the state.  This fall all PJSTA members reduced their VOTE-COPE contributions to $0 for the year.  Please consider putting some of that savings towards NYSAPE’s very worthy cause.


Our kids are being hurt by excessive testing that has taken over and replaced learning in our schools. And yet our elected leaders, including Gov. Cuomo, are doubling down on these damaging high-stakes tests.  More than 60,000 kids refused to take the state tests last year.  Help New York State Allies for Public Education, a coalition of more than 50 parent and community groups, pay for billboards in key areas of NY state to urge even more parents to opt their children out of these exams this spring.  Whether you can  donate $5, or $100, please help us reach our goal of $8,500.

Click here to contribute.

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