Month: January 2015

Jia Lee Goes to Washington by Michael Elliot

A MUST WATCH film! Jia Lee – Senate Hearings Reauthorization of NCLB Jan 2015 from nLightn Media on Vimeo.

Heroic PTA

We have seen organic opt-out movements over the past couple of years from parents in different parts of the state.  We have seen a few heroic teachers, including our very own Beth Dimino, refuse to administer state assessments in the spring.  Now… Read More

How to Contribute to NYSAPE Opt-Out Billboards

NYSAPE has started a campaign to purchase “Refuse the Tests” ads on billboards placed strategically around the state.  This fall all PJSTA members reduced their VOTE-COPE contributions to $0 for the year.  Please consider putting some of that savings towards NYSAPE’s very worthy… Read More

APPR Rumors

Our friend Arthur Goldstein, who blogs at NYC Educator, has heard a few rumors regarding a new APPR plan. Via NYC Educator… I don’t have a lot of time right now, but several sources I trust tell me there is already a… Read More

Heroic Teacher Jia Lee Once Again Refuses to Administer State Tests

Last year we directed you to the Teachers of Conscience position paper.  Teachers of Conscience, a group of New York City public schools teachers concerned about market-based reforms and the future of public education, was the group referenced by Beth Dimino in… Read More