Join PearUp to Support Morgan Leary

There are only two days left to earn the $1,000 of “free” money for one of our own, Emily Leary’s family. As you know her 6-year old daughter has brain cancer.  We are about 75% of the way to our goal, so there is more work to do!

This is NOT a request for a donation and it doesn’t cost you anything.  The first request that was sent around indicated that all you had to do was click on the advertisement, which we believe many people did.  However, we realized in order for us to earn points you have to sign-up with your email (if you’re worried about spam, view the privacy policy) or use Facebook so the company can ensure that they are receiving unique hits to their sponsor’s site.

There is no reason why our caring membership should not be able to attain this goal.  Pass it along to friends and family members.  Time is running out to help this wonderful family and child through this “free” promotion.  I know we can do it!

Here is the link for Please share with everyone through email and/or social media.

1. Click

2. Click “Support this Group” in the blue box on the right

3. Sign up with email (will have to confirm) or Facebook

a. Do both for extra points

4. There are 5 more ways to earn points

a. Follow: Follow Verizon on Twitter

b. Instagram: Follow Verizon on Instagram

c. Visit: Visit the Verizon website

d. Photo: Upload photo and share on Facebook

e. Rally: Share on Facebook and/or Twitter

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