Mike Mulgrew plays tough guy in defense of Common Core

We have written at length on this blog about the failure by our parent unions to adequeately represent the rank and file membership.  We will be addressing this issue in depth at our conference day this year and over the coming months, along with providing a potential solution.  Nowhere, however, was the disconnect between our leadership and our members more glaring than at this summer’s AFT Convention.

You will recall that in May the PJSTA Representative Council unanimously passed a resolution to oppose the Common Core State Standards.  Well many teachers headed to this year’s convention with the same idea in mind.  However the resolution brought to the floor of the convention was a resolution that essentially asked the AFT to continue their support of the Common Core.  Below is video taken by MORE’s incomparable Norm Scott.  The video shows supporters of the Common Core and opponents of it.  Watch for yourself…

First of all seeing members of the New York delegation fight in favor of the Common Core is absolutely nauseating.  It is exhibit A of how out of touch our leadership is with the membership.  Secondly, the performance by UFT President Michael Mulgrew was reprehensible.  To have a representative of teachers stand up and say they are going to “punch you in the face and push you in the dirt” if you try to take away the Common Core is beyond unthinkable.  It flies in the face of everything we try to represent as educators.  Finally, only mere months ago, then candidate Karen Magee ran for NYSUT President as being “Against Common Core” yet there she was on this video shamelessly supporting the resolution in support of the CCSS.  If you read this blog regularly you know that I am not surprised by Magee openly lying to membership.  Still, it’s important for our membership to see her flip flop on the issue.

The above video showed one very interesting thing.  The three people who spoke in favor of the CCSS (Mulgrew, Leroy Barr, Magee) are all union “leaders” but spend no actual time in the classroom.  The people who spoke against the CCSS (Timothy Meegan, Pia Payne-Shannon) are both people who spend their time in the classroom teaching.  It’s a connection that can not be ignored.  If we are going to take back the direction of our parent unions, it must come from the in the classroom, rank and file teachers.

The ICEUFT Blog and NYC Educator blog both wrote about Magee’s flip flop back in July.

You can read about Mulgrew’s tough guy act here (NYC Educator), here (Ed Notes), here (Perdido Street School), along with here, here, and here (all Fred Klonsky).

And finally a reminder of Magee’s campaign promises…


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