Month: June 2014

Karen Lewis on the Vergara Ruling

Yes, the Vergara Verdict Can Happen in NY Too

Shortly after a verdict in the Vergara v. California case was handed down, stripping the state’s teachers of their tenure protections, I received a flurry of text messages from colleagues asking me whether or not this could happen in New York State… Read More

Governor Cuomo Even Makes Lame Bets

Something fun for a Saturday morning… Seeing Cuomo cheering for the Rangers makes me happy to be an Islanders fan.  On that note, hockey blogger Greg Wyshynski writes about the “lamest governors’ bet ever.” Via Puck Daddy… Stanley Cup Final produces the lamest… Read More

What I Want From NYSUT

Earlier today we posted about NYSUT’s Karen Magee asking to hear from the membership about what we want from our union.  It was a nice gesture.  Below is the letter I submitted to her.  I am sure most of my requests will… Read More

What Do You Want From Your Union?

In this week’s NYSUT Leader Briefing Karen Magee asks, “What do you want from your union?”  Here is the link for you to fill out an online form and tell Ms. Magee what you want from your union.  I am going to… Read More