Tuesday Notes & Links

A few things you may be interested in…

Reality Based Educator comments on Empress Merryl Tisch’s refusal to back her puppet Ed Commish John King.

While he attempts to escape “Bridgegate” and now an investigation into how he misused Hurricane Sandy relief funds, Chris Christie is “screwing teachers, students, and schools.

The Gates Foundation is threatening to pull back $40 million if Pittsburgh’s teachers don’t surrender to a junk science APPR plan.

Finally, this story has been kicking around for a few days, but we hadn’t mentioned it yet here.  From the same people (NYSED) who brought you a phone sex line this fall, now bring you to the “Sexy Bitch” quiz in order to “make test prep fun”.  Via the Washington Post…

Student resources that are linked to vulgar and offensive Materials

Anna Shah is the mother of a kindergarten student. While looking on the Engage NY site for materials on the Common Core, she encountered highly offensive materials on the Student Services Page. The NYSED link called “Make test prep fun,” took the student to a site with quizzes to determine if they are a  “sexy bitch”, “evil”, “freak” etc. The site also included racist and homophobic slurs. Some quizzes were supposed to determine if “you were a true Mexican,” a “slut,” or gay.  Ms. Shah immediately notified the department and they took the site down.  Apparently the link had been up since October 2012. Prior to its removal, I took screen shots of some of the pages,which you can see here.  Please be warned, it contains offensive language.

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