Take Action Tomorrow!

From PJSTA President Beth Dimino…

Yes I know tomorrow is the first day back to school, and it is also

the first day in 2014 that we get to show the people in Albany that we
still mean business and we will fight till they get rid of the Common
Core and high stakes testing!!!  Please be there tomorrow and bring your friends and be sure to post this everywhere….

Show King and Cuomo that we are not going to stop until they hear us!
Nassau and Suffolk Take action against King and Cuomo’s Common Core
Agenda this Monday, at 4 pm, in front of Channel 12 Newsroom, 1 Media
Crossways, Woodbury, NY 11797

1 Comments on “Take Action Tomorrow!”

  1. See you there! Ready to fight for kids and public education over corporate and billionaire profits!

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