King and Tisch Finally Roll Into NYC

After nearly two months of stops across New York State, the King & Tisch “We’re Not Listening Tour” finally rolled into New York City last night.  This time the dynamic duo split up, with Tisch visiting the Bronx and her puppet John King stopping by Brooklyn.

Mark Naison of the Badass Teachers Association has the story of Queen Merryl’s trip to the Bronx.

John King’s Brooklyn visit was quite a bit different from most of his other stops.  It was a meeting that was well attended by John Flanagan’s pals from Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirstNY.  Additionally it had numerous charter school operators in attendance.  These people, of course, benefit from the harmful reforms being pushed through by SED and the regents.  So naturally it became a glowing report on how swimmingly things are going.  Interestingly enough these people truly are representatives of special interests groups.  Yet John King wasn’t complaining about the meeting being co-opted by special interests tonight, as he did when parents lambasted him at the PTA Town Hall Meeting in October.  MORE‘s Katie Lapham writes of her experience there last night.  Capital New York with the story here.

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