Senator Flanagan and his pal Michelle Rhee

Just a reminder that every PJSTA member should be writing their letters to Senator John Flanagan.  To recap, Flanagan, whose top campaign contributor last year was Michelle Rhee‘s Students Last First with a contribution of $10,300, is the head of the New York State Senate’s Education Committee.  He is holding hearings around the state to inform his committee about how the education “reforms” are working.  You know, the ones based on junk science?  The ones that are leading Governor Cuomo to put schools on death row?  Those “reforms”.  The hearings are by “invite only”.  Guess who isn’t invited?  That’s right, real teachers.  However, we can submit written testimony.  Any written testimony must become part of the permanent record and all members of the committee will receive copies of it.  Therefore we can make our voices heard in that manner.  It is important that we all participate in this action and encourage our friends to do the same.  To download a form letter for submission visit Students, Not Scores!  After you finish your letter please give it to a building rep.

Finally, at a recent Rhee town hall event a student had this to say…

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