Students Not Scores Action

Via Students Not Scores

Second Day of Action for Students, Not Scores!

Senator Flanagan, Chair of the NY State Senate Education Committee,  has officially posted four public meeting dates to meet with NY State taxpayers to speak to the issue of the common core and high stakes testing.  The problem is Mr. Flanagan will only allow the people he invites to be the speakers at the meeting and he is limiting his scope to only four locations throughout the State.  

Here’s an opportunity for everyone in the State to have their opinion appear in the public record of these public meetings, without an invitation from Mr. Flanagan.

We have created a form letter, that meets the strict submission guidelines for written testimony at public hearings.

You can download the letters from the Students Not Scores site.  You do not need to email them if you are a PJSTA member.  Once you change the letter to insert your information, print it out.  Building reps will be collecting them once school begins and PJSTA President Beth Dimino will be delivering them in person on September 17th.  I’m sure Mr. Flanagan will be happy to see her!

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