Everyone thinks John King should resign!… and other assorted notes

Our friend Diane Ravitch today called for the resignation of New York State Education Commissioner John King.  Citing the harm King has done to children and educators, Ravitch is calling on all concerned parents, educators, and citizens of New York State to contact the New York State Board of Regents to demand the resignation of John King.  Regent Roger Tilles represents Long Island.  Merryl Tisch is the chancellor at large.  Tell them how you feel about the harm done to your students, your own children, and your profession.

Here is one teacher’s letter.

Assemblyman Steve Englebright says that King should resign.

Reality Based Educator had this write up about Tisch and King last week.

Commissioner John King



1 Comments on “Everyone thinks John King should resign!… and other assorted notes”

  1. My question to John King is simple, how can you or anyone even remotely concerned with the education of children think the Common Core tests and curricula can be considered appropriate for our elementary students? I find it impossible to believe that you have even looked at these tests! MONEY is the ONLY driving force behind the Common Core! Not money to foster appropriate educational practices or support our public schools – no money that is lining the pockets of the executives of large corporations and politicians. I agree that it is time for John King to resign.

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