More on Next Weekend’s Rally

Want to get even angrier about the testing? Read today’s Newsday!

It’s very clear that the spin was in long before the test scores were released…. Newsday’s slant is that all Districts are thinking about now is how to improve the scores of all the students who failed… Channel 7, this morning had a report about how programs are being instituted in NYC to deal with failing test scores and there was a Pearson banner hanging in the background!!!

Dr. Joseph Rella, Superintendent Comsewogue School District responded this morning with, “We MUST find our voices again! We’ve lost our voice because we haven’t used it!!”

Make your voice heard and join with others who demand that public education continue to belong to the people not profit mongering corporations… Next Sat., Aug. 17, noon, Comsewogue High School, Rally for Students and Against Testing!!!!

1 Comments on “More on Next Weekend’s Rally”

  1. The insanity lead by the State MUST stop! My family & I will be at the rally!!!

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