Bravo Garfield High School Teachers!

The faculty of Garfield High School in Seattle has voted unanimously not to administer reading and mathematics tests this year.  Despite the fact that there will certainly be serious ramifications for these teachers, they have taken a stand, stating that these tests waste time, money, and precious school resources.

Shortly after word of this got out, more Seattle teachers have decided to follow suit.

The teachers are also being supported by their local union, the SEA as well as their school’s PTSA.

Via Diane Ravitch, Adam Urbanski, President of the NYSUT Local Rochester Teachers Union stated:

“In his letter from the Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King wrote, ‘There are just laws and unjust laws. And we are obligated to disobey the unjust laws.’ A nationwide movement of creative insubordination may be the only way to put a stop to the injustice now imposed on America’s public schools, teachers and especially students.” (emphasis mine)

You can sign a petition in support of the teachers of Garfield High School here.

Thank you Garfield High School teachers… your fight is our fight!

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