A Whole Lotta Rhee

If you are into hating on Michelle Rhee (and really who isn’t?!) you should find plenty of interesting reading in the links below…

Jersey Jazzman with Democrats Wake Up About Rhee.

Reality-Based Educator, who never holds back, with Frontline Presents Evidence of Test-Tampering Under Michelle Rhee.

Jersey Jazzman with Rhee Enters Panic Mode.

Hero of public education Diane Ravitch with NYC Parent Group Grades Michelle Rhee.

Reality-Based Educator with Rhee Did All She Could to Resist and Investigation of DCPS Cheating Allegations.

Jersey Jazzman with Rhee’s Phony Math.

Ed Notes Online with Rhee on TV Frontline Tonight- Cheating Scandal Addressed But What Else?

1 Comments on “A Whole Lotta Rhee”

  1. Didja catch her last night on the Daily Show? It’s amazing how she can twist things to make herself look reasonable. Jon Stewart did a pretty good job pointing out her mistakes, although he wasn’t nearly aggressive enough. I hope he helped America see through her.

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