“Unsatisfactory” Teacher of the Year

President Obama, Arne Duncan, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, and the rest of the fools championing the use of assessments to destroy public education evaluate teachers may want to take a look at the story in Florida where elementary teacher Kim Cook was recently named “Teacher of the Year” while, at the same time, receiving an “unsatisfactory” rating.

Ms. Cook’s email, that can also be read in the article linked to above…

I have almost 25 years of experience as a teacher. I JUST got my 2011-2012 evaluation on Friday. There is a real possibility that I will receive an unsatisfactory evaluation for this school year. I may go up to “needs improvement”, but either way, my job is in jeopardy.

Last month, the faculty and staff at my school voted for me as Irby Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year. I am so honored to have been chosen. I work with an amazing group of teachers. They are the most hardworking and talented group of women I have had the privilege to know. Yet every single teacher at my school received an evaluation of “needs improvement” or “unsatisfactory” because of this insane system that the Republican state legislators and Gov. [Rick] Scott dreamed up at the beckoning of Jeb Bush and ALEC [American Legislative Exchange Council]. My colleagues and I deserve better than this.”

1 Comments on ““Unsatisfactory” Teacher of the Year”

  1. Personally I feel that ht e individuals pushing these evaluations should be invited to teach a class!!! I’m sure their ideas would change!

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